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Holiday Miracles: Story of the Month


Cisco is a 21 year old Bichon Frise that presented to Peace Love Pets after being attacked by another dog in his house.

On presentation, Cisco was disoriented, having difficulty breathing, could not close his jaw, could not swallow properly, had a poor gag reflux, laryngeal paralysis, and there was evidence of possible damage to the nerves in his brainstem. In addition, he had dangerously high sodium levels in his blood contributing to his neurologic dysfunction. Dr. Levitan immediately started with on intravenous fluids to help bring down his sodium levels, pain medication and anti-inflammatories to decrease the swelling in his neck. Cisco had many strikes against him and we all were concerned that Cisco would not make it. Cisco required aggressive supportive care and stayed in the hospital for 5 days. We are so happy to say that Cisco made it home to his family and is still doing well, but we were very concerned about his quality of life and ability to survive!

Her owners wrote us the most wonderful letter, reminding us of miracles. Here are some excerpts from the letter:

I know that you were more than surprised by the miracle that Cisco brought to us. His return to health has truly been nothing short of a miracle…. I hope knowing that Cisco has returned to his family physically and spiritually will remind you in the future that even though the medical books say one thing, Prayers can be answered and Miracles can and do happen every day we just never know which of us will receive the miracle…. May Cisco’s Miracle be a reminder always that life is precious and that we must honor the gift of life especially for those facing impossible odds.

We wish you all special miracles every day and most importantly,that you are blessed enough to recognize them when they come your way.


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