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Many animals can benefit from oxygen therapy. This treatment allows the bloodstream to utilize more oxygen, thereby promoting faster healing. Oxygen therapy is useful for a wide variety of cases such as wounds, abscesses, fractures, and much more.

During the procedure the patient is placed in a comfortably sized chamber where the oxygen can be pressurized. This allows the oxygen to be absorbed at a higher rate, which means that swelling is reduced. The stimulation of new blood cells is also promoted. Most patients feel calm and relaxed while in the chamber and many take naps throughout their treatment.

It is our goal to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medical technology, and oxygen therapy is one of the many ways in which we do that. To learn more about oxygen therapy and how it can help your pet, please contact us today. We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Success Stories

This patient, Bonnie, before being treated with hyperbaric oxygen was paralyzed in her hind legs due to Intervertebral Disk Disease. After 10 treatments she regained full use of her legs.

This patient, Sammy, presented symptoms of a stroke due to high blood pressure. She had severely decreased mobility in her front right leg. Hyperbaric oxygen restored oxygen to areas of the brain that blood could not reach due to the stroke and she regained full function within 3 days. Immediately after the first Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment there was significant improvement of all problems. When the patient finished all her treatments she regained the ability to walk normally.

Oxygen can also help treat animals who have suffered with allergic reactions, chemical burns, snake bites, head trauma, and more. Contact us today.

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